My daughter has always loved the spiritually and beauty of New Harmony, so it was no surprise that she wanted to get married there. Since she now lives in Arizona, it was important to have a wedding coordinator that lived in the area and could help us find local vendors, musicians, etc to help bring everything together. Robin only met my daughter once, but from that one meeting she captured Lindsey's vision of what she wanted for her dream wedding. The decorations for the lawn ceremony by the lake were spectacular, and we received many complements on the creative table decorations for the reception at the Conference Center. The wedding party had a great time riding the bikes and the golf carts and enjoying all the activities in the area. And I enjoyed an afternoon of pure joy with my daughter and her sisters and other bridesmaids while we were getting ready for the ceremony at The Duclos House!

Somehow Robin was able to keep all 22 members of the wedding party on schedule and in the right place at the right time, making for a flawless wedding from beginning to end. She covered every detail so that I and the rest of my family could enjoy the activities.

Maria Helfrich

My wife and were married in New Harmony, Indiana and Robin, from Events of Harmony, was our wedding coordinator.  My wife and I, along with our family and friends, loved the quality of work that Robin performed.  Firstly, she was extremely familiar with the town of New Harmony and all of the businesses we were using for the wedding weekend.  Secondly, Robin was very amicable; it was obvious that she was showing a genuine interest in us as people, beyond the scope of a business relationship.  She not only got along with all of our guests, but she went out of her way to make them feel welcomed.  Thirdly, Robin performed the wedding coordination without a single error.  Robin was well aware of all the activities that were taking place and kept us on schedule the entire wedding day.  She even managed to keep our family members on schedules as well!  Fourthly, Robin had excellent taste and was a great asset in helping us plan the wedding, from decoration to attire.  She was very familiar with the aesthetics of New Harmony and was able to direct us to the most optimal locations.  Finally, Robin was very comprehensive throughout the entire process of orchestrating our wedding.  She made it her business to keep us, the clients, well informed throughout the planning process.  In summation, Robin is an excellent wedding coordinator and we highly recommend her!

Matt Petra

During the early days of our wedding planning, my husband and I visited only one location:  New Harmony.  That visit was all it took for us to know that this beautiful little town was the place for us. However, as we live in New York, we knew we'd need assistance with our destination wedding.  We were lucky enough to connect with Robin at Events of Harmony whose expertise was absolutely invaluable. From big decisions to small, Robin guided us through the planning process with ease and was able make our long-distance wishes a reality.  Her extensive knowledge of the town, including long-standing relationships with florists and caterers, helped us to feel confident that our wedding weekend would be a success.  It certainly was.  Robin's calm presence and support helped the rehearsal dinner, ceremony and reception run smoothly.  She was always ready to help; our right-hand woman throughout the weekend. Thanks to Robin, our celebration was even more wonderful than we could have planned.  

Lauren Sharpe

My husband I had decided that we were going to plan our wedding ourselves in the hopes to save money.  Quickly we realized that it was not going to be as easy as we expected.  Not only was planning stressful but our do it yourself ideas were becoming very expensive.  One day while visiting New Harmony we stumbled across Events of Harmony.  At first we were just interested in their chair rentals but we fell in love with Robin and all of the beautiful decorations.  Events of Harmony was definitely a godsend.  We decided that we could no longer do it on our own we needed help.  Choosing Events of Harmony was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding.  Robin and her staff made our wedding day so special.  They added all kinds of personal touches and the flowers and decorations were absolutely gorgeous.  People compliment me all the time on how beautiful our wedding was I never fail to let them know it was all Events of Harmony.

Danielle Denning

Planning an exclusive wedding is overwhelming for the bride and her family. A contract with cost conscious, competent wedding co-coordinator, Robin Lewis, will pay for itself.  Robin’s extensive experience in wedding planning and decor becomes quite obvious upon a first meeting.  She is knowledgeable and assertive, confident but kind, detail oriented and intuitive. Robin has the ability to orchestrate a reception of glamour and ambience, as well as, oversee timely conducted formalities to insure a celebration to be enjoyed by all.

Mrs. Mark Powers

I just want to say thank you again for making Christine and Aaron’s wedding so special for them.  Christine told me how much fun she had with you in the photo shoot.  That is just one example of what I think was above and beyond what you were getting paid for.   The entire “Inn” community worked so hard to make things happen this weekend.   With the wedding date just two weeks after my busy tax season ended, I never could have done it without all the help.    You talked about giving Christine’s wedding the “wow” factor.  Robin, in my opinion, YOU were one of the “wow” factors.  I just can’t say thank you enough.  

Sandra McCully

I wanted to send you a quick email telling you what a wonderful job you did on my wedding decorations. All my flowers and centerpieces were exactly what I had envisioned! I was completely BLOWN away when I walked into the Bauerhaus and saw how beautiful everything was! I couldn't stop smiling and seriously thought this is a fairytale! Not to mention my cake! My cake was the most beautiful thing ever and exceeded my expectations completely. Thank you again for making me fall in love over and over again with my whole wedding day. You and Judy have been amazing and can't tell you enough how thankful I am for you guys helping me over the past year! Iwill HIGHLY recommend you to anybody I know!
With love,

Sara Ebien (Hedinger)